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The Secret of How To Deal With Antisocial People by Neil ( ~ )
Forget the Church's PTS/SP course! We now have the REAL THING....

How do you deal with antisocial people?
What is going on in their minds?
What do you say to an antisocial person who is "having a go at you" ?


This book will teach you what to say to an antisocial or evil person who is
"having a go at you" which results in their mind being messed up!

You just won't believe how simple it is to do!

This book is about what to say, based on how the mind works,
to someone who is standing in front of you,
telling you they intend to damage you or your property.

Don't be lost for words. Understand them and know what to say.
Protect yourself and your family for only a few dollars and
be one of the first in the world to know this recent break through!
The ideal birthday present for a stressed up relative.
(Note: The book makes no reference to Scn so you can give it to any relative
who is PTS to the Church! -Even my PTS father has read it and loved it!)

Topics covered include:

--Basic mind theory & how a person became evil in the first place.
--Why antisocial people target specific persons more than others.
--Some specific characteristics of antisocial people.
--If the really insane ones, like Hitler, can act sane enough to get into
a position of power then what's with the guys in the mental hospitals?
--What to do about them and why it works.
--How to keep yourself in check so you don't become antisocial and fall
into the abyss of life.
--Why you must know this information.
--Comes with an addendum section on how to judge people.


Over 15 years ago, at a previous job I was in, a new department manager was
employed who turned out to be an antisocial type of character and
therefore his employment didn't last long.
He was a large, solid, angry looking ex-US navy guy, who, just 2 days
after he started, came into work with his head completely
shaved. Do you think he would be scared of me? Well he was!
He was terrified of me after I spoke to him, and he didn't want to
came near me again - and he was twice my size!

He had "run ins" and arguments with a few people around the
department but when he got to me he was thereafter sick the
next day. He came into work the following day, took one look
at me and went home sick again.

I just knew by the look that was on his face that I had caused this to occur
from something I had said, but I could never put my finger on what it
was until recently! It took me nearly two decades to find out but
in July 2007 I stumbled upon the reason why this
was so and how I had managed to do this just by communication;
even though I had at the time done this by accident.

I then found that others had experienced a similar phenomenon too - but no
one knew what they had actually done (or even sort to question that anything
was done!)

Believe it or not, all Antisocials cannot do something with their minds
that all sociable people can do.
This stems from the fact that underneath it all every person
is inherently good (this can be proved). This means that an Antisocial
is therefore a sociable person with something wrong with their mind,
and this thing that is wrong with their mind is a problem to them,
since a good person isn't allowed to be evil.
When you know how they solve this problem you will
then know exactly what to say to them. It takes that problem they think
they have solved and dumps it right in their lap!
There is only one way to solve the problem of being evil!

Few people seem to have ever noticed this before, and if they did then
no one knew why! My father, upon reading this book, told me that he once
had an antisocial boss. He and the others in the office merely decided
to act differently to him one day - the boss had a stroke 2 days later!

No need to fumble around and hope that you can accidentally curtail the
antagonism. KNOW exactly what is taking place and go straight to it.
It is so simple, but you have to be told or you wouldn't know.
After all, can you see what they're doing in their minds?
They're all doing the same thing!

What you are about to read has never before
been presented in such a way and only when laid down in its
entirety does it lead so simply to exactly what to say to
such a person. The exact procedure
is here, but includes all the basic mind theory from the ground up
so that you will know how and why it works.

Also, have you ever heard a friend say: "I think I'm going crazy.
I worry about myself" ?
Do you know what's occuring? You will after reading this book. Wipe that
worry and doubt off their face in seconds! (It took me about 10 seconds to
do this the last time! I saw the doubt leave their face!)
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